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URL Reputation (whitelist)

Anyone knows, if  is posible exclude domains for URL Reputation feature?

In Blacklist I see the option to add URL´s and be exclude, but I can not see option to avoid domains be exclude totally of this option (URL Reputation)

Also I have been trying to send to Quarantine those emails, but i can not see the mails when they are passing the threshold. In this example the emails are in 125 url´s and my thersold is 85.


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Re: URL Reputation (whitelist)

I assume you are wanting to always allow certain URLs through.  To do so, you go on the Blacklists and Whitelists tab from your screenshot there and in the bottom section under URLs that should always be allowed, you can whitelist any particular URL you choose.  There is also a test field in the dialog box to add that allows you to see what will meet the criteria and what won't.


Re: URL Reputation (whitelist)

I was trying to do add whitelist this domain, an after save the changes and send a test, the result is the same, is being blocked.

Any idea?


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