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UPGRADE MEG 7.5.1 to MEG 7.5.2 -- Any Huge Known Issues?

I am in the process of vetting out upgrading both hardware appliances and vm appliances from MEG 7.5.1 to MEG 7.5.2.  Does anyone know of any huge issues with this upgrade.  I know it is just a simple patch level upgrade but there are over 60 fixes in this patch upgrade.  I need to know if anyone has seen major issues with items like TLS, SWM, Quarantine Management, SMIME, SPAM filtering, etc.  I have to do a real quick lab validation on this process because of the SQL and OpenSSL vulnerabilities that affect  MEG 7.5.1.  In order to apply the hot fixes for these vulnerabilities you have to be at MEG 7.5.2 patch level.  Any assistance from the community will be greatly appreciated.

I am sure there are other teams in the same boat that need this information also.

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Re: UPGRADE MEG 7.5.1 to MEG 7.5.2 -- Any Huge Known Issues?

i upgraded it to 7.5.2, as 7.5.1 was vulnerable to heartbleed.

There is no issues until now, as i am using it since new patch released from McAfee

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