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Secure Webmail and Iphones

I am running McAfee gateway 7 and secure webmail.   Push and pull functionality is enabled.   Push seems to be the default behaviour.   I can not open encrypted messages from an Iphone OS device-  tried Iphone 4S and Ipad 2 both running Iphone OS 5.  I receive the encrypted message as a secure.html attachment.    I open the attachment-  this is displayed in my mail client not in safari.  It says

"you will automatically be redirected to the Secure Webmail Client.   If not ... check that you have java script enabled.    This may not work on a mobile device." 

I don't get redirected.  There is a "Read Message" button, which does nothing.   Safari has java script enabled.  

In the encryption-> branding config-> notifcation  messages , there is a different preview for desktop vs mobile clients.   I have different version of the company logo.  I appear to see the "desktop" notification on my iphone.   Presuming the html code in the attachment is supposed ro render differently according to the client.

Any advice?


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