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Scan all trafic send by outlook

Hello, I am having the following problem. MEG I have installed a transparent bridge, which is directly connected to a core switch mode. If I set up an account in the normal Outlook Exhange ( it works correctly. If I set up a google account, for example, in the outlook (, the mail is not scanned or received by the recipient. The MEG has a public IP and receives and sends mail through the switch core.

Thanks for all the help.

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Re: Scan all trafic send by outlook

MEG generally only scans traffic on port 25.  Google uses other higher ports for their communication, I believe usually 465.

Re: Scan all trafic send by outlook

And it can't be added another protocol??

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Re: Scan all trafic send by outlook

You can add other ports for it to intercept, although if the traffic to Gmail is encrypted, the MEG won't necessarily be able to decrypt it.

Go under Email - Emali Configuration - Protocol Configuration - Connection Settings (SMTP) - Transparent Interception ports

Here you can add additional ports that you want it to intercept.

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