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S/MIME Configuration Questions

I'm having a good bit of trouble trying to get an outgoing S/MIME configuration going. I've gotten to the point where outgoing mail is blocked when I turn on the S/MIME features, but that's about it.

Let me start with my scenario, and see if anyone can help me out.

I'm using MEG 6.7.2. I have a reporting server sitting in a secure production network, and the MEG in the DMZ. I have emailed reports that I need to send from the reporting server. However, those reports have confidential information in them. The receivers of those reports are all set up to receive and decrypt S/MIME email (outlook-to-outlook works fine). I would like the MEG to encrypt the outbound email so that my external receivers can decrypt it using their desktop email clients.

I figured this would be a simple matter of importing some certificates and checking a few boxes...

I guess my first question is: "is this possible with this appliance?" My sales rep told me it was for sure, but now I'm doubting things.

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