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Level 7

Reports contain no data

Version Email Gateway (5000)

Build Number 2532.106 WS_9_5_20130319_2000_106

Patches Installed 7.5.1-2721.108

Several of my reports (weekly, daily, monthly viruses, compliance, spam-phish) contain no data.

Any idea of a fix?

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Level 7

Re: Reports contain no data


     Was this possibly related to scheduled reports?  We do have an issue where scheduled reports if based on custom reports would not have any data.  We do have a fix for this in 7.5.2 which is currently in limited support.

Please see:

•Corrects the database query for scheduled report generation to address a problem where a scheduled report based on one of the built in favorite reports would always show no data.

(Low severity. Reference: KB78848.)

if you contact support and request it for this issue this might help.



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