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Quarantined corrupt content

Hi all,

I have a problem.

- User A (Mr.X)send mail to user B (Mr.Y) ( attach a .doc file) at 9:25 05/25/15.

_User B at 10:23 receive mail. I don't know why it was delay?

and I see on MWG, Status of this email is "Quarantined corrupt content". Why is "Quarantined corrupt content"?


Please help me.



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Level 11

Re: Quarantined corrupt content

The message was quarantined because there was content in the message which could not be scanned.  Usually this means one of a couple of things:

1.  There was some sort of encoding issue on the message.  It said it was encoded in Quoted-Printable, but something was incorrect about that; the message is missing a MIME-parts breakpoint; etc.

2.  The message has an attachment which appears to be corrupt.  For instance, there's a document attached which says it's a Word document (based upon magic number, not the filename), but the format of the file, while very similar, does not match that of a Word doc.

3.  The MEG is configured to protect itself from segvs, and received a file which caused segvs, and thus quarantined the message per policy.

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