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Problem After the upgrade policy deployment 7.6.4

hi, we have an infrastructure Email Gateway 7.6.3

we performed as per kb, the update to version 7.6.4, after updating individual MEG (previously excluded from ePO) and importanto epo on the new extensions, we reconfigured the policy with the new extensions on ePo.

we have a policy-type system in which we configured static routes.

The policy is distributed by MEG correttamnente, but when the MEG is skills based management and or when the ePo distributes this policy, this is not enforced.

Strangely it does not apply only the part related to static routes. (The policy also contains the DNS servers that are applied correctly)

Has it ever happened?

Do you have any idea?


McAfee Emaill Gateway 7.6.4

McAfee ePo 5.1

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Re: Problem After the upgrade policy deployment 7.6.4

Moved to Email Gateway for a better response


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Re: Problem After the upgrade policy deployment 7.6.4

Hi antoniopolito,

Are you saying that the routes are configured on ePO and when you push them out to the MEG that the routes do not get added?  Are you editing the correct policy?  I tried it in our lab and did not have the problem I believe you are explaining.  If the answers are yes to both of the above questions, you may need to call in to support.  thanks.


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Re: Problem After the upgrade policy deployment 7.6.4

Thanks for the answer!

The policy is the correct!

The strange thing is that the same policy, in addition to the static routes are configured DNS servers, and these apply them, while the routes no!

Also I reapply if the old policy of the previous version of the McAfee Email Gateway (7.6.3), apply them correctly.

I have already opened a case to support Mcafee, I wanted to share with the community the case!


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