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POP3 get the error code 550 relaying denied

Hi Everyone,

I use the Cluster Email Gateway. configure POP3 for user get mail from internet but can't access, when user try to send mail from MS Outlook get the error code "550 relaying denied". Anyone have expirence to configuration POP3 with Email Gateway.

Thanks for any help.


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Re: POP3 get the error code 550 relaying denied

Hi galaxyus,

Apologies for the delay in getting a response, hopefully this is no longer an issue?

550 Relaying Denied is a sending error (SMTP) rather than receive error (POP3), and it happens when a given host / domain is not listed under Email / Email Configuration / Receiving Email / Anti-Relay Settings. You need to ensure your SMTP protocol settings have the information for the valid domains and the IP addresses that are allowed to send email through your cluster.

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