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Mcafee Quarantine Manager Testing Database Connectivity


I have the following problem. I tried to install McAfee quarantine Manager. First i installed the Mysql for Quarantine Manager, then the Quarantine Manager but when use the DB Management UI, i enter the credentiales


Then i click Test, and i receive the message "Testing database connectivity" but this message lasts forever. What can be wrong? I tried differents browser and is the same, Also i tried using a Domain Accound and a Local Administrator account but is the same.


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Re: Mcafee Quarantine Manager Testing Database Connectivity

This page can be rather painful.  Without going into a ton of details, can you log in to the MQM after the install?  If you can log in to the adminui, then the DB connection is good.  The credentials are stored in the database.  If not, then the quickest answer may be to call in to support.  Otherwise, you will get a long winded rant regarding Windows UAC and browsers.


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