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McAfee email gateway appliance end of life


I have an appliance Email Gateway S120 and the end of life is 17-Jan-2016.

The statement "Replacement is EG4500-B" means that the recommended replacement is EG4500-B (i have to buy it?) or means that McAfee will provide me with this appliance?

Besides this, i will have to upgrade to software version 7.5 but the end of life for 7.5 is 30-Sept, after that i can't upgrade to version 7.6 because is not supported for S120 appliance. So what can i do?


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Re: McAfee email gateway appliance end of life

Hi layer0,

The replacement is something you would have to purchase.  I recommend you get in touch with your sales team for that.  I am guessing you are on version 7.0, which is past EOL.  My recommendation would be to upgrade the S120 to 7.5, take a backup of the config, and when you get the new appliance, restore the config to the new appliance.  A 7.5 config can for the most part be restored to a 7.5 and a 7.6 build.  Hope this helps.


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