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McAfee Email Gateway system tests error

Hi to all,

I have a problem with our MEG last versions and patchs available about the systems tests, as you can see below:

Bad data

<res status='-1'><error message="list index out of range"><![CDATA[ Traceback (most recent call last): File "/opt/NETAwss/ui/wsadmin/scripts/", line 2263, in Run tests = TestList().tests File "/opt/NETAwss/ui/wsadmin/scripts/", line 2237, in __init__ RemoteUploadTestGroup(None), File "/opt/NETAwss/ui/wsadmin/scripts/", line 1293, in __init__ up_enabled = (int(ft_node.xpathEval("Enabled/@value")[0].content) != 0) IndexError: list index out of range ]]></error></res>

Accept as much tips you could gave me to help me, really thanks at all!


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Re: McAfee Email Gateway system tests error


What version are you using?? Did you update to latest version??

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