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McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.5 is RTW

What’s New in McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.5?

McAfee Email Gateway 7.5 is a major release. New features include (see customer documentation for more information)…

  • Significant (double-digit %) performance improvement on McAfee appliance hardware platforms
  • McAfee Email Protection (Hybrid, based on MEG and SaaS Email)
    • Inbound mail protection is provided by the McAfee Email Protection (Hybrid) service
    • Outbound mail policy application is enforced by MEG appliance.
    • Full policy, reporting and quarantine for both inbound and outbound mail protection is managed from the MEG appliance or ePO
  • Commtouch Command antivirus (formerly Authentium anti-virus)
    • A secondary AV engine to provide defense-in-depth against malware. The AV scanning technology has been enhanced to supplement the McAfee AV engine with the Commtouch Command AV engine. The secondary engine can be configured to always scan messages (exhaustive) or only scan messages that are considered clean by the McAfee engine (optimized).
  • Subject rewrite
    • An administrator can now configure MEG to rewrite the subject lines of email messages that match defined policies.
  • Message search enhancements
    • Messages can now be searched by attachment name.
    • The Policy name is now visible.
    • Columns may now be hidden.
  • Recipientbased header aliasing
    • It is now possible to replace recipient email addresses in the email headers. Replacement strings can be configured within the user interface, or determined by directory lookup.
  • Mail size filtering enhancement
    • Real file-size can now be used in size-filtering calculation. MEG can now be configured to decode all message parts before determining their size when performing mail size filtering. This feature allows size filtering to be performed based on the actual size of attachments, rather than the size of the raw encoded data.
  • 64bit platform
    • The appliance now operates in 64-bit mode, and uses a 64-bit OS.
  • URL reputation blocking for email messages
  • Graymail identification
  • MQM custom quarantine queue support
  • Conversation logging for McAfee Email Gateway clusters and blade servers
  • Pull Encryption in MEG clusters
  • Rolebased queue access
  • Enhanced remote management functionality via ePO (after upgrading to the MEG and EWS ePO Extensions for MEG 7.5), such as message search and conversation log access from ePO

ePO Reporting via McAfee Content Security Reporter (CSR)

LocalizationMEG 7.5 and it's ePO Extensions are available in English, French, German, Spanish, Brazilian-Portuguese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified).

Customer documentation - The following customer documentation is provided:

  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.5 Release Notes
  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.5 Administration Guide
  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.0 Appliance Quick Start Guide
  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.0 Appliance Installation Guide
  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.0 Virtual Appliance Installation Guide
  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.0 Blade Server Quick Start Guide
  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.0 Blade Server Installation Guide
  • McAfee Email Gateway 7.0.2 VMtrial Installation Guide
  • Email Gateway 6.7.2 to MEG 7.x Migration Guide

The customer documentation will be available from …

  • ServicePortal (in the "Self Service" section, click on "Product Documentation" and search for the product name)

Knowledgebase Articles

KB77795 - Email Gateway 7.0 Known Issues

PD23478 - McAfee Emailk Gateway Troubleshooting Tree

KB76144 - FAQs for Email Gateway 7.x

PD23757 - Email Gateway 6.7.2 to 7.x Migration Guide

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Re: McAfee Email Gateway (MEG) 7.5 is RTW

Jsonger,7,5 support smtp auth?

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