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McAfee Email Gateway - Encrypted mail question

Cisco Ironport handles encrypted mail via the cloud so that recipients retrieve their encrypted mail via a logon and web/cloud access. Does anyone know when McAfee plans on doing something similar with MEG? Currently Encrypted mail is hosted on box if I am not mistaken. Can anyone assist


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Re: McAfee Email Gateway - Encrypted mail question

You can use SaaS

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Re: McAfee Email Gateway - Encrypted mail question

The secure mail "pull" delivery method is indeed hosted on-box.   However....

I saw a presentation at FOCUS12 that stressed the availability of the inbound SaaS cloud service and that it's often included in many license arrangements to relieve local MEG's from having to handle the full firehose of spam volume.  appears to be the page on it and contrasts the inbound only service with an apparently more comprehensive version of it.

If that matrix is to believed ""Email Encryption (Push/Pull Encryption, Pre-Built DLP Rules, Document Registration, Attachment Content Scanning (300+ File Types))"   is a differentiator of  McAfee SaaS Email Protection & Continuity   versus the "McAfee SaaS Inbound Filtering."   But the realities of that marketing sheet... I can't speak to. 

I think rangerlj may be referring to that offering.   Looks like it could possibly do what you want.

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