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McAfee Email Gateway 7.5


I am only new to the McAfee suite of products.

I recently transitioned a customer from another cloud based mail security provider to McAfee SaaS Email Protection.

The next phase is to implement the email gateway 7.5 in a hybrid setup.

I noticed in the console for this product, there is no area to manage users like there is in the cloud solution?

How does this work?  Can this device not function in a stand alone format and has to use the cloud also for it's user database? 

Any help is appreciated.



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Re: McAfee Email Gateway 7.5

Moved to Email Gateway for better attention.

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Re: McAfee Email Gateway 7.5

What type of user database are you referring to?  A list of valid recipients in the domain?  This can easilly be done with LDAP talking to your Active Directory/Domino/OpenLDAP server.  User groups can also be collected to applying rules based on that.

Is this what you had in mind?

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