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MQM and ePO

We had set up 2 MEG7 boxes in a cluster and added the MQM server (mysql) a few days later. All is well, and working as expected.  I understand that epo5 is not supported to work with MEG7 or MQM, so I configured a test ePO 4.6 box to talk to my MEG7 cluster. This seems to be working, I can search for mail from ePO (but can't release).  I am now running into issues when I try to login to the MQM with the adminUI.  I have to reconfigure the database and reset the root password before I can log back in with my regular e-mail address.  Anyone have an idea what I might have missed, or not set up correctly. Is ePO re-writing the root password when it pulls in logs from MEG? ePO would not seem to be talking to MQM directly, so not sure what else could have changed with my setup.

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