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MEG 7 - /log 100% full

Is it possible to free-up any space in the /log directory?

I installed a MEG7 Virtual Appliance on an ESXi server for testing purposes, leaving it connected to a test subnet on our network.

Fast forward several months and mail is still passing through the device without issue, but I thought I'd take a closer look at the product in anticipation that I'll need to answer some customer questions on this product. The first thing I did was to install patches 7.0.1 & 7.0.2, but what I noticed after doing this was that while the various panes in the where all present, many of them were 'greyed-out'  with the message "Failed to load".

The System Summary and Hardware Summary dashboard elements are both green, but when expanding these elements they too contain the message "Failed to load".

Similarly when I tried to load a report, it too failed. 

When I look at the Troubleshooting -> Troubleshooting Tools -> Disk Space screen, I can see that the /logs partition is showing 100% useage.

From the command line I can see that /log.system/cla appears to be responsible for almost all that usage.

Is there anything I can do to flush the logs and recover this space?


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Re: MEG 7 - /log 100% full

Call support.  Lowly administrators like you and I who've purchased these appliances aren't trusted with root on these  without signing an NDA (not that I'm bitter), but support can get on the back end and probably clear up some space to unwedge you.

on 2/27/13 12:13:10 PM CST
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Re: MEG 7 - /log 100% full

I share your sentiments, and have encountered the same situation when trying to do things from the CLI with the EWS solution.

In the end I did raise a ticket with support. There was no explanation as to what the problem was, or what had caused it, but they asked for permission to re-build the database from scratch (something I had no problem with as it was not operating on a production network) and this fixed the problem.


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