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MEG 7.6 have mail queuing

Dear, i have the next problema, my customer, send payments for email to his clients.(email bulk)

But mail queuing grows, although the email, of the same typem, is sending too. I do the capture with MEG but not show deny connecition or other errors.

I wait anyone can help me, thanks.


Elsa Bravo A,

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McAfee Employee

Re: MEG 7.6 have mail queuing

Hi Elsa,

If it is a mass mailer, then normally, queuing is caused by hosts limiting the volume of mail sent at one time.  If you see a specific error code in the message search (like 451) you can enable a feature called RapidRetry ( will retry specific error codes more frequently so the queue empties out faster.  If the problem still persists, I would recommend opening an SR with support so they can investigate.

Hope this helps!

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