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MEG 7.6 Quarantined SPAM & Compliance Problem

Hi Guys,

in my incoming Rule i filter for spam and deny some file-types like .js or .docx.

Now i have the Problem that some Mails are quarantined in spam and compliance because they have a spam Count >10 and a ZIP-Attachment with .js files (Crypto-Virus).

The recepient can now release the "SPAM"-Mail via Digest and gets the "Virus" too.

How can i fix that?

I want to quarantine Spam and the user should have the posibility to release some mails by his own.

But i don´t want that a user can get the forbidden file-types.

Can i Change the order of filtering to Virusscan -> Compliance -> Spam?



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Re: MEG 7.6 Quarantined SPAM & Compliance Problem

If you are using on-box quarantine your best bet would be to accept and drop the data and forbid quarantine in the file filtering rule.

Otherwise you could use MQM and just forbid releasing messages from the specific queues.

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