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MEG 7.5 Appliance Dashboard RAID state critical


I installed MEG 7.5.1-2721.116 at appliance S120 and got the RAID state critical at the dashboard. At the hardware diagnostic all checks are fine.

Then I installed update 7.5.2-2846.108 and the dashboard showed RAID state disabled. At the update details are fixed issues "RAID driver failure".

After that I installed hotfix 7.5h938406-2846.109 and now the dashboard are back to status like before update 7.5.2.

Anyone has the same behavior at the hardware appliance?

I think it is not that critical, because the "Diagnostics: Hardware Status" says all "Healthy".

2014-03-12 14_40_33-Email Gateway 7.5.jpg

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Re: MEG 7.5 Appliance Dashboard RAID state critical

This problem with the RAID state at the dashboard was indeed caused by a RAID fail at the appliance hardware level.

The thing was, that I only could see this at the RAID controller level. The hardware status at the MEG doesn't showed any thing what the problem really was.

The RAID was degraded because of fail of on HDD.

After rebuild the RAID the state was ok.