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MEG 7.0 Login Problem


We're currently using two (2) SMTP GW appliances.  Appliance #1 works fine with no issues.

I started having problems with Appliance #2 last week.  When logging in with IE8 I momentarily see the Dashboard Status window in the bottom right window but then it disappears.  I'm then left at an empty dashboard screen with no panes visible.  About an hour later the dashboard panes appear but clicking them logs me out.

Other users have no problems logging in.

In troubleshooting I've tried the following:

- Deleting all browsing history

- Logging in with Firefox

- Logging in from another workstation

- Recreating a new SuperUser Administrator Local User account

Perhaps a workaround could be to make the initial login page something other than the dashboard or disable the dashboard altogether.  Thank you for any suggestions,

Scott Moyer

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