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Is this possible?

We would like to eliminate an internal server, but to do this, we would need this capability on our McAfee Email Gateway (version 7.6+):

I want to create a role and assign it to specific individuals that will only have access to quarantined messages that have been processed by a specific policy.  So if we have 6 policies on the email gateway, I want this group to only be able to see what was quarantined by policy 5 (policy 6 is the default policy).  Is this possible? Or would it be better to set up the MQM?

Thanks for any insight!

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Re: Is this possible?

The MQM would be a better solution.  The built in quarantine management is rather limited, and has no ablility to add additional quarantines.  With MQM you can add any quarantine you would like, and tell the policy to send its messages to that.

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