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How to filter attachment in MEG 7

I have attached snapshot of configuration for File Filtering in MEG 7 . Please define the diffence in Name filtering and extension filtering .Also if i want to block .prg files then by adding PRG in name filtering is enough or I will need to add *.PRG ? Kindly confirm if i want to block on the basis of extensions

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Level 7

Re: How to filter attachment in MEG 7

Hi Arshad,


         MEG has a few options for filtering on attachments. 

Categroy Filtering is for predefined list of file types which can be configured.  This uses our third party engine to detect certain file types.  For example if we knew the file type was included such as Microsoft InfoPath we can select this in the Category Filtering.



Name Filtering which is more for specifying an exact name of a file as mentioned which would be based on *.PRG.




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