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How to configure HA in email gateway 7.6


I am trying to configure HA on MEG 7.6 with single NIC.

master ip -     virtual ip -

failover ip-     Virtual ip

but after ha configuration it is showing error . I am doing in in vmware.


when I shutdown any one it is showing status as shutting down in cluster management .

I did not find any document or step by step procedure to do HA.

Kindly help me to get this done . please provide me some step by step document on it.


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Re: How to configure HA in email gateway 7.6

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Re: How to configure HA in email gateway 7.6


There are a few things that could be causing this.  Make sure that the cluster identifier is the same on each appliance.  I am guessing they are as they are seeing each other, but just confirm that.  Do the two MEGs have the same patches installed?  If they are on different patch levels, the cluster will not be happy.  When you first create the cluster, it is normal for them to show the other members as faulty for a bit as they are performing the initial synchronization.  If this is the case, you may need to wait 15-20 minutes or so.  When these VMs were created, you did not clone one MEG to the other in VMWare did you?  if this is the case, clustering will not work.  Cloning is bad for clustering.  I am also curious if the MEGs are on the same VM server or not.  It is possible that VMWare blocks some of the ports required for Cluster synchronization.  Please refer to the following KB for what ports need to be open:

McAfee KnowledgeBase - Email and Web Security/Email Gateway appliance cluster management networking ...

Beyond the ports mentioned in the KB, you will also need port 6379 open between the two MEGs for redis synchronization.

hope the above information helps.


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Re: How to configure HA in email gateway 7.6

Hi Jake,

MEG are separate installation not clone.

no port blocking between them. both are on same host/server.

cluster identifier is same in both MEG

same patches installed.

I am waiting to update all databases.

Both the master and fail-over have same virtual ip. they are talking to each other, while taking down one other shows it is shutting down. only when they are both up shows error.

can you please provide a step by step tutorial so I can confirm the procedure followed by me is correct.


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