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How to configure DKIM in multiple Domains

Hi! In advance, thank you very much for your time and understand that my English writing skills are not the best!

My problem lies in the configuration of DKIM.

Currently we have 7 DNS records for mail and our email infrastructure is under Microsoft Exchange.

All mail is transmitted to MEG through a Cluster of HUBs. The emails from our internal users (can be 7 different DNS domains) are sent to the MEG by the same Cluster HUB.

The HUB Cluster is presented to the MEG with a single IP address (the VIP of the cluster).

When wanting to set up DKIM, the wizard prompts in the first step to enter a domain (does not accept wildcard). Thus, I can only configure one domain (of the 7 we have).

Try to generate a profile of DKIM, but when setting the criteria can be selected only related to hostname (source / destination), VLAN and finally IP (source / destination) choices, but in any condition you can select "Domain".

Honestly I do not find way to how to set this for all my domains. Earlier, another product we could configure DKIM signature for all domains using the DNS domain as the criterion.@

Again, thank you very much!



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