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Hostname for SMTP


does anyone know how to configure on EG version 7.0.1 the sending Hostname for SMTP connections ( HELO ), the appliance use the internal FQN dom.local ?

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Re: Hostname for SMTP

Hi skneo,

I don't believe the gateway itself defines this--I believe what gets sent as HELO outbound is a function of the mail that gets sent through it by the upstream MTA or an MUA, no? 

I believe all the gateway much cares about is for a given smtp connection that comes into it,  what HELO's and mail from's will it accept under mail configuration> sending email, which defines which domains (which values of the EHLO?  Or mail-from? ) in a mail that comes into the box will be allowed to go through and connect on out the destination MX's.  

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Re: Hostname for SMTP

Have you considered changing the appliance's host name to use your Internet domain name, rather your internal domain?

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