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GrayMail Dictionary

Has anyone else tried to use the McAfee supplied GrayMail Dictionary?  We found it to be extremely effective in stopping the vendor marketing spam, etc.  However, it is blocking a lot of legitimate e-mail that we thought we could account for (tune). Since this is a locked dictionary, we can't edit it and pull out the phrases that seem to tbe the problem (messge is error) being the highest hit.  We have had to disable the compliance rule that uses this dictionary as too much was being stopped.  Looking for hints or advice from anyone who has had experience with this dictionary, or a similar one. thanks,

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Re: GrayMail Dictionary

The default score is typically too aggressive for normal enterprise use. A more effective way to use it is to only allow it to add to the spam score - usually two points. This way if the message is already getting spam scores, but not quite enough to push it over the edge, then the graymail dictionary can help by putting the final nail in the coffin - so to speak.

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