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Filtering recipients by domain name

We have a client that would like to use different policies based on the destination address of the email.  We are currently using DLP policies but the client has over 1600 domains that they do not want the DLP policies to be acted on.  The MEG has a limitiation on the size of the list so it is impossible to filter on a large list.

I was wondering if the MEG has the ability to use logic to filter by country code.  for instance I would like to split up the list into multiple lists based on the country definition.  There would be a list for .ca, .com. .uk and so forth.  Then when the email would be processed, I would like the MEG to filter and apply rules based on those values.  Here is the logic I am thinking of

1) Filter by domain extention (ie look for .ca, .uk etc)

2) If found, then check domain in the appropriate list.  for instance, if .ca is found, compare the domain to the domains in the .ca list

3) Perform appropriate action depending if found in list or not.

Any ideas if this could be done or not?


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Re: Filtering recipients by domain name

As it is currently designed, this cannot be done.  You would need to submit a Product Enhancement Request (McAfee KnowledgeBase - How to submit a Product Enhancement Request (PER)).

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