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Encrypt All E-Mail and Allow a Term for Exception

I am using McAfee SaaS E-mail Protection. I would like to create a policy or polices, that would encrypt all outbound e-mails, and allow a term to be supplied that would allow exceptions (allow regular e-mail). For testing purposes I have:

  1. Created a new policy
  2. Assigned a group (which I'm a member of)
  3. Created a Custom Content Group called "Encrypt Outbound"
  4. Added RegEx expression: [0-9a-e] = get anything with a letter or number in it.
  5. Set this to trigger Encrypt action.

This works, and any e-mail I send is encrypted, but I would also like to create a policy, or content group that says anything with the term:

   [noencrypt] = allow

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