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Email with MQM (blacklists and whitelists)

Guys, just a doubt.

When I have MQM under production where should I maintain the blacklists and whitelists?

On the box or on the MQM server?

Thank you


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Re: Email with MQM (blacklists and whitelists)


It depends how you will be using it in production. If you will be giving users the MCST utility (which currently has a bug) then it might be easier to have your lists in MQM.  Since I have already had to delete and re-install MQM on MySql once- along with all the lists that I had created, I am going to maintain these lists on the MEG. It's more stable and less prone to mysql issues.  If you decide to put MQM on full SQL, then it might be a different answer. But I would still hold the lists on the MEG, one place to reference....

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