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Confusion in recipient verification/protocol preset

Hey Guys,

I am testing MEG in my testing environment and below is my setup      DNS Server is relaying mail to using mx & is sending mail to using MX lookup. Every appliance has DNS configured as and proper record exists.

Mail flow is perfectly fine until I start Recipient verification. I have setup LDAP query and wanted to block unknown emails or email harvesting. This i creating an issue as soon as I enable that setting and mail gets bounced with 550 error.

Then I tweaked protocol presets as I came to know recipient verification applies globally and wanted to enable only for incoming mails. But somehow I am missing as mails from to is continuously getting blocked. And when I disable the setting mail goes fine.

Any clue what I am missing here?

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Re: Confusion in recipient verification/protocol preset

If the sender server's IP address is not in a protocol preset with recip auth disabled, it will get blocked.  are email addresses going to able to be pulled in on an LDAP query?  have you tested this in the GUI to make sure that the LDAP server is returning the correct response?


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