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Compressed files and scan

Helo everyone.

I would like to know if there is an option to Email Gateway scan compressed files and see what is inside?

We are getting a lot of spams with .zip files attached and a.exe file inside these ones.

Is there a way to do that? Can someone give me instructions please?

Thank you all very much and have a nice day.



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Re: Compressed files and scan

The MEG's scans the contents of compress files automatically, to block emails with .exe you would want to sent up a file filtering rule under compliance.

-Find File Filtering under compliance

-Click add rule, Create name

-Check Enable File Category Filtering

-Under Category Filtering choose Windows Executable and make sure Other Specific Windows Executables is checked.

-Click ok

-Under If Trigger pick your action

-Then save. 

That's a pretty basic way of blocking or quarantining .exe

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Re: Compressed files and scan

Thanks for the answer.

I confirm that the file filtering rule is already configured. So I guess that there is something wierd happening or maybe it is a bug related.

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