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Level 9

Cannot install new patch 7.0.2

1) I've seen that the MEG7 found new patch 7.0.2. I marked it, then clicked to install, but after that MEG7 showing me an error (see the first picture below):

19-11-2012 18-13-47.jpg

And if I trying to click on Download, the we can see next error message:

19-11-2012 18-14-44.jpg

If I trying to install this patch manually, I will have first error message.

19-11-2012 18-14-01.jpg

2) Also we have same problem on a MEG-4000 appliance in another location. The MEG-4000 cannot download .zip archive from ftp site.

Then we tryed to download from Mcafee, and install manually. The MEG-4000 uploading the patch, after that automatically logoff action from web interface, and it's all. Nothing actions after that, the appliance don't going to reboot.

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Level 12

Re: Cannot install new patch 7.0.2

Yowsa.   I encoutnered problems with the RTS incarnation of this patch, but not those problems (then again I'd done devices and not virtuals). 

I suspect you'll need to corner support on this.  

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Level 9

Re: Cannot install new patch 7.0.2

Today virtual MEG appliance was updated itself (from internet).

Now I'm trying to update MEG-4000 appliance. Maybe our firewall block connection. In the menu System | Component Management | Package Installer   I cliked on Refresh button. Then MEG trying to fetch autoupdate70.db.bz2.md5 from but after failing.

From what IP-addresses the MEG trying to fetch?

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