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Level 7

Block MAIL FROM and From

Hello Everyone

I want to implement a rule to block all email that i reveive from a specific domain, but i want to avoid spoofing also, so we need to block the fields MAIL FROM (Sender) and From (The field that actually is displayed to the user), etc.. How can i implement this?


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Level 9

Re: Block MAIL FROM and From

hi layer0,

Configure the Black list senders and whitelist senders in Email, Email Policies, Scanning Policies, select required policy and under spam settings add Blacklist and Whitelist.

If you want to configure the domain, you need to Configure Email, Email Configuration, Receiving Email, Permit and Deny and add Blacklist and Whitelist domain, IP Addressess, email addresses.

I hope this helps you.

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Level 11

Re: Block MAIL FROM and From

Create a new policy that would look something like the below image with a "Policy Based Action" of "Accept and Drop"


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