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Workflow Document: Sharing data securely using ISO container files

Workflow Document: Sharing data securely using ISO container files

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1. Configuring FRP to allow creation of secure ISO containers

To provide the ability for end users to create encrypted CD/DVD/ISO containers, select either of the following protection levels in the CD/DVD Encryption policy:

  • Allow Encryption (with offsite access)
  • Enforce Encryption (with offsite access)

You can specify the appropriate rules for authentication credentials within the Password Rules policy:

After assignment of the policy (and subsequent ASCI), you can check whether the correct policies (CD/DVD Policy, Password Policy) are available on the FRP client via McAfee Tray Icon -> Manage Features -> File and Removable Media Protection.

2. Selecting the files/folders that you want to package in the secure ISO container

Creation of an ISO container can be initiated in 2 ways:

  • Via the context menu

  • Via McTray Icon -> Manage features -> File and Removable Media Protection

Adding files and folders can be done by:

  • Selecting the source data from the left hand pane
  • Clicking the button between the panes

Alternatively data can be dragged from left pane to right pane. The target folder structure can be modified by adding, renaming folders etc., and dragging the data to wherever it is deemed appropriate (The target folder structure does not need to match that of the source).

Once data is selected, clicking Next will allow creation of media.

Specifying the password (authentication credentials) for access, and creating the container

Make sure to select Create ISO Media as the Burn Device selection

Specify destination

Enter password and confirm password to conform with pwd policy

3. Mounting the ISO container to access encrypted data on a machine without any McAfee software installed

Click on the .exe application and supply the authentication credentials

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