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Support for Windows 10 update (Threshold 2) with endpoint encryption products (MDE, MNE, FRP)

Support for Windows 10 update (Threshold 2) with endpoint encryption products (MDE, MNE, FRP)

Validation is currently in progress for the following endpoint encryption products for the Windows 10 Automatic Update (November Update, Threshold 2 (TH2)). 

  • Drive Encryption (MDE)
  • File & Removable Media Protection (FRP)
  • Management of Native Encryption (MNE)

For the latest information on Windows 10 compatibility, please refer to this KB article:

For information about support for Device Guard with Drive Encryption (MDE) and File & Removable Media Protection (FRP), you can refer to: KB86009


Hmmm, after Upgrading to the latest versions with Windows 10 i had two problems.

- DE 7.1.3: Preboot not working, DE must be removed with DETech, but not boot any more.

- FRM 5.0: Error and BSOD, System must be reinstalled.

At the moment installing several McAfee endpoint products results most time into troubles.

So, i reinstalled my notebook, installed only the McAfee propucts, but it doesn´t work. We talked about installing more products at the customers at the McAfee Partner meetings in Germany and Spain. But it is hard to install, because the products are interrupting each other. This are the products installed on my endpoint.


Finally, i´m not able to add DE and FRM to my system without damaging it.

Has anyone else seen such troubles?




Are the issues that you have outlined above ( with MDE, FRP) seen with the initial release of Windows 10? Can you please provide more information?



it is the actual version and the system is fully patched.


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