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SiteAdvisor has new features and a new look

SiteAdvisor has new features and a new look

SiteAdvisor is beginning a slow rollout of a new and very different version. The new SiteAdvisor has a new interface and features to make it more useful, and more helpful, than before.

SiteAdvisor will continue to monitor search results and warn you if you navigate to a dangerous website, and it also has several new features, including:

  • The ability to monitor your system's status for the most common Antivirus and Firewall products (not just McAfee's Antivirus and Firewall). This enables SiteAdvisor to tell you if the service is turned off, or if you do not have any anti-virus product installed.
  • Allows you to fix or accept the risk many of these problems from within SiteAdvisor's new dashboard.
  • Monitors downloads for malware.

With the new look, you'll find a few minor differences in the interface, such as the location and layout of the Settings menu.  Additionally, you'll notice that this new version replaces the conventional SiteAdvisor toolbar.

Once again, in addition to these new features, this new SiteAdvisor version will continue to provide the same protection that SiteAdvisor always has.

General info, very similar to the information above, can be found at:

SiteAdvisor has new features and a new look

Some people may lose the Search result annotations (the green, yellow and red site ratings that you usually see displayed beside each search result).

This issue, and 2 possible solutions, are offered here:

Search result annotations do not appear after SiteAdvisor is upgraded

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