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SNS ProTip for VSE: Products Removed When VSE is Installed

SNS ProTip for VSE: Products Removed When VSE is Installed

The VirusScan Enterprise installer package contains a file named "uninstall.ini," that provides a list of third party security products that can be removed during VSE's installation and the MsiExec uninstall strings for those products. If one of the strings is matched within the registry, VSE will notify MsiExec to invoke the uninstaller using the necessary string. See KB72251 ( for a list of products that can be removed when VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 or 8.7i is installed.

You can submit a Product Enhancement Request (PER) to request that additional MSiExec uninstall strings added to those already included in uninstall.ini. For information on the PER process, see KB60021 (

NOTE: When you install VSE, if the VSEUninst.log records that a specific product is “FOUND,” it should also record whether or not that product had an error during the removal attempt. If an error is recorded for the removal of the “FOUND” product code, test the uninstall of the product by executing the MsiExec uninstall string using the command prompt on the local system
.For more resources, visit the McAfee KnowledgeBase and search for Virus Scan Enterprise-related KBs and visit the McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise Community.

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