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Quick Tour of the Business Community

Quick Tour of the Business Community

Welcome to the McAfee Business Community!

This quick tour will show you around some of the things you can do straight from the main page. Of course, the best way to find your way around is to go in and explore!

Business community main page:



User Bar

It's available on all the other pages too, not just the main page. You'll see it in the same place on each page, so it's easy to find.

Use it to:

  • Create new content.
  • Browse for existing content, places, and people.
  • Get history for your recently viewed items.
  • Check in on your stuff for items you've created or are working on.


These are an easy way to go to the type of content that you are looking for - discussions, documents, blogs, or have a look at everything.


Communities Browse List

Probably the quickest way to find the community that you are after. Click and you'll be taken straight there.



These are the various information boxes that you can see on all the community pages. The screenshot doesn't show you all of the great widgets on the home page, so here's a list:

  • Welcome - you've probably already registered and logged in, but if not, go ahead and register now.
  • Other communities - just some suggestions for other interesting communities to visit.
  • Recent Content - the title says it all. Have a look down the list - you might find something interesting.
  • Community Help - if your'e new and don't know what to do, look here for help and guidance.
  • Top Participant - have a look and see who's been most active in the community.
  • Popular Tag - a small selection of the most popular tags. Tags in large text are the most prelevant in the community. If these aren't enough, you can view all tags.
  • Find Us On - Want to link to us on other social networking sites? Just click here.

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