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ProTip for Host IPS: Isolating suspect components in Host IPS

When troubleshooting Host IPS, it is helpful to isolate the various Host IPS components (IPS, Firewall, Application Protection, and so on) and settings to identify what may be causing the issue.  After you have done this, and determined which component is related to the issue, you will know where to try an exclusion, and/or have the basic troubleshooting finished in order to provide details to support.

Knowledge Base article KB54960 ( provides details on how to isolate the Host IPS components. Following the instructions in this article will put you one step ahead when troubleshooting Host IPS.

For more resources, visit the ServicePortal ( and search for related content. Also, visit the McAfee Host IPS Community:

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Great tip.  This helped me figure out if I had a firewall issue or an IPS issue.  It was an IPS issue.  Thanks again.

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