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Power Nap and McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac

Power Nap and McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac


Some customers have recently been asking me about the support for the Power Nap feature on the new Mac hardware and McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac (EEMac). We've recently tested the latest EEMac v6.2 build for Mountain Lion and the answer is yes, if you have a Mac device which supports Power Nap EEMac will work as expected.

When the Power Nap feature of Mountain Lion is enabled the Mac is woken up from sleep at periodic intervals. The entire Operating System is up and running at this point of time, however the fan is not started. As the entire operating system is up and running the reads and writes to the disk are passing through the encryption driver, so everything works as expected. The operating system stays up for a small window of time and then goes back to sleep.

For more information about Power Nap, you can read about it on the Apple website at the following URL:

Please note that you require Mac hardware that supports Power Nap and be running Mountain Lion in order to use this functionality.

From a security perspective, using this functionality is no different to using sleep mode. The same security concerns apply to both Sleep and Power Nap.

Best regards

Anthony Merry

Senior Product Manager

McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac

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