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Intel Security SNS ProTip for VSE: Extensions for ePolicy Orchestrator

Intel Security SNS ProTip for VSE: Extensions for ePolicy Orchestrator

VSE has two extensions for ePO, a management extension (which allows controlling settings and tasks for VSE clients) and a reporting extension (which facilitates processing of VirusScan events, queries and reports).
Knowing the functionality of each extension lets you know what you could be impacting when updating or removing a specific extension, if for example you were troubleshooting something on your ePO server.

The management and reporting extension packages, named VIRUSCAN8800(nnn).zip and VIRUSCANREPORTS120(nnn).zip respectively, where nnn is the version of the extension, are found inside the VirusScan full install .zip package. We recently started including the version as part of the filename so you can quickly determine if you have that version or not.

It is best practice to always use the latest extension available. If issues are encountered with a new version, however, it is often feasible to install the previous version instead while the issue is being investigated.

IMPORTANT: Always keep a backup of VSE policies prior to removing the _management_ extension, else you will lose all your settings when removing that extension.

In the recent patch 6 release, a reporting extension issue was brought to our attention, KB84854 ( And as described above, the Reporting extension from our prior release is usable as a workaround while the issue is investigated.

Also be mindful of these other issues when installing the VSE extensions:

KB84913 Access Protection Policy content no longer displays in ePolicy Orchestrator after deploying the VirusScan Enterprise 8.8 Patch 5 or Patch 6 extension

KB77489 A VSE 8.8 On-Demand Scan task set to Run Once might re-trigger after checking in the VSE 8.8 Patch 3 extension

KB81980 When viewing the Access Protection rule policies via ePO, the paths to process names display with a ::: prefix

For more resources, visit the ServicePortal and search for related content. Also, visit the VSE Community at (

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