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Installing and Configuring McAfee ePO Deep Command

If you are new to McAfee ePO Deep Command, you can use the resources below to get up and running. Following these instructions will allow you to quickly implement the default configuration of McAfee ePO Deep Command. This puts your Intel AMT in Client Control Mode by configuring them with Host Based Configuration. This mode of operation allows all use cases of Deep Command to function, but it implements two limitations. First, it will require user consent for KVM, IDE Redirection and Boot to BIOS (note that Serial Over LAN does not require user consent so the EEPC integration points do not require user consent). Second, it is limited to digest authentication. This means that you cannot use Active Directory authentication for ePO Deep Command operations. If these limitations are problematic in your environment, then you will need to migrate your Intel AMT clients from Client Control Mode to Admin Control Mode. Instructions for doing this are available here

Document: ePO Deep Command Quick Start Guide by Peter Simmons

Video: Installing and Configuring McAfee ePO Deep Command by Mike Calcote. This video is a step-by-step walkthrough of the items in the Quick Start Guide.

For more information on McAfee ePO Deep Command, please visit the index of resources page

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