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Important Notice: Removal of MWG Versions from download servers and Content Security Portal

Important Notice: Removal of MWG Versions from download servers and Content Security Portal

Hi Gurus,

Older and some recent versions of Web Gateway will be removed from the download servers and from the Content & Cloud Security Portal on December 5th, 2017. An SNS went out last week (November 2nd, 2107) regarding this decision.

Why? A 3rd party component had to be removed.

What versions will remain?,, 7.8.0+

What should I do right now? You should download any older versions you need now as McAfee will not be able to distribute the older versions any longer.

What will happen to sticky yum upgrades? Sticky upgrades to the older versions will fail because the yum repositories wont exist any longer. Sticky upgrades will work for versions that remain (i.e. or

Does this impact support of older versions? No. If you are running an older versions (i.e. or, you will continue to be supported. We do however encourage taking advantage of the latest bugfixes added to the latest versions.

The SNS that was sent on November 2nd 2017:

McAfee has scheduled a clean-up of the MWG download portal (Content & Cloud Security Portal).

Builds older than the following releases will be removed from the portal on December, 5, 2017.

    7.6.x: build 24166


    7.7.x: build 24164


    7.8.x: 7.8.0 build 24353

The clean-up will also impact system upgrades via command line (yum). Updates to sticky releases older than these builds will no longer work.

All these builds will be removed on December, 5, 2017. Make sure that you download all builds that you want to keep from the portal in time.

As these builds will be permanently removed, there will be no way of downloading them after that date.

To download McAfee Web Gateway (MWG), go to the McAfee Content & Cloud Security Portal at:

For more information, see the KB89943:

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop a comment below (if they get too long, please start a discussion).

Best Regards,


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