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How to request a SiteAdvisor site rating change

How to request a SiteAdvisor site rating change

The new version of the SiteAdvisor ratings pages has a Request Review option on the main page. This is supposed to be an automated alternative to the existing means of getting a site's rating reviewed and changed. Whether it works as advertised is still not certain - it hasn't been implemented for long, and I'm still assessing its effectiveness.

The previous method involved contacting SiteAdvisor by email or using a web feedback form, and was primarily intended for the use of website owners. The procedure is set out in two existing documents -

How To Contact SiteAdvisor

McAfee SiteAdvisor Site Rating Explanation + Appeal Process

The two links below are for TrustedSource, which influences SiteAdvisor ratings in real-time.

.. anonymously submit them at by selecting the product "SiteAdvisor".

If you want to address an issue with a web site in Site Advisor, that is based on McAfee's Trusted Source Web Reputation, please go to and use the web form to contact the Trusted Source team

If you contact TrustedSource a ticket is created for the website so progress in rating or re-rating it can be tracked.

There is a link in one of the documents to a web feedback page at which appears to be intended for site owners or corporate users, since it asks for a User ID.  There is also an email address ( which is different from the one given on the TrustedSource pages ( Contacting TrustedSource or SiteAdvisor by email allows you to be kept updated on rating/re-rating progress. The Request Review option (below) does not allow this for anyone who is not the website owner. - McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search.png

If you click on the button, you go to a page asking for details of how you wish the site to be rated, and whether the overall description of the website's main purpose should be changed. You can also choose from the dropdown menu one or more categories to accompany any Caution or Warning (Yellow or Red) rating. 

Reviewer Central - McAfee SiteAdvisor Software – Website Safety Ratings and Secure Search.png

I still have to hear what the process involves once you have identified yourself as the owner. Perhaps all that logging in as the site owner does is to prioritise the change request, or give it extra weight.

All of this is useful, but perhaps too elaborate. If a site is suspect but you're not sure whether it's been hacked or compromised in other ways there should be a quick and easy way to request a re-test. I've requested a change to the SiteAdvisor Webmasters page to include a simple "Retest this site" box, but it might never happen.

Edit - For the record, as an experiment I chose a fictitious website name and asked SiteAdvisor to rate it. It came up Grey, of course, because no such site exists. I then clicked on Request Review and posed as the site owner. Eventually I arrived at a Website Owner Verification page I hadn't seen before. If you're interested, the whole process has been included in another document - "How to submit a website for testing by SiteAdvisor".

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If you have a question about how to verify a website see the other SiteAdvisor document about site rating - "How to submit a website for testing by SiteAdvisor"

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