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How to get a website verified and tested by SiteAdvisor

How to get a website verified and tested by SiteAdvisor

How Can I Submit My Site For Testing?

This is one of those questions which keep getting asked. SiteAdvisor is supposed to trawl the web looking for new sites, just as it's supposed to re-test a site from time to time. It may indeed do both of those, but I suspect there are just too many new sites being created to test, and too many existing ones to re-visit them all. So it's up to a website owner or creator to make sure SiteAdvisor knows about a site, and that it gets its initial rating, at least.

There are (as of now) 38 FAQ documents for SiteAdvisor. Some relate to the product, others to site rating or testing.

To search for information, go to the FAQ section and select 'SiteAdvisor' from the drop-down menu.

The paragraph below is is taken from SiteAdvisor FAQ document TS100144 :

("Why do certain websites show 'untested', or are missing from your SiteAdvisor database?")

if a site is very new, McAfee might not have heard about it yet. You can submit any site for testing by visiting this web page:<insert site here>

- which takes you to the site's main SiteAdvisor rating page.

As an experiment I chose a fictitious website name and asked SiteAdvisor to rate it. It came up Grey on the site rating page, of course, because no such site exists.

I clicked on Request Review and got to this page -

rudstonsofyorkshire change rating.png

In order to pose as the site owner I had to log in or register. Neither of those options worked until I first logged in to SiteAdvisor with my SiteAdvisor reviewer username (using the Log In option at top right). Once I had done that, I still could not use the Log In option on the page; I tried clicking on 'Register' and arrived at this page -

Web Site Owner Verification Process.png

And that is the furthest I was able to take it. Because, of course, I could not identify myself as the owner of a non-existent website.

  1. Once we have verified that the file exists on your Web site and the contents in the file matches with the content stored in our database, you will have permission to create and edit the Web site owner comments that appear on your Site Details page. You must be logged in as a reviewer to leave your comment.

So if you are a verified website owner you log in (first to SiteAdvisor, then again on the review page) and SiteAdvisor will recognise you, and further options may then become available. I would like to know what they are, so I welcome posts from anyone who has tried this review method.

Note : I have found a note from September 2012 to the effect that placing the .htaccess file in the root directory of the server so that SiteAdvisor can verify a website is only going to work if the server is using IPv4 addressing, or if it supports IPv4 and IPv6.  It won't work if the server is only using IPv6 addressing.

I'm not sure yet whether that is still the case.


At last, I found the Website Verification instructions. Two whole years I've been looking for them, and no-one seemed to know where they were - or indeed what they said. Now here they are, in all their mundane glory.  Share and Enjoy.

There is another way one can verify URL by going to TrustedSource: - Check Single URL

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