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How to Import Definitions into McAfee DLP

How to Import Definitions into McAfee DLP


Importing a list into McAfee DLP lets you easily create entries to use in classifications and other features.

McAfee DLP can import the following types of lists:

  • Email addresses
  • URLs
  • Dictionaries
  • Serial number and end-user pair
  • Device Templates

The entries to be imported do need to be a CSV files though.

Probably the easiest way to understand the correct format is to export an existing list, then modify it with Microsoft Excel, and then import the list back into DLP.

In this demo, we’re just going to create a new dictionary by importing a CSV file.

For dictionaries, the CSV format is:



The entries would looks something like this:















Okay, let’s get started.


I’m going to first open up my classifications by going to Menu > Classifications


Then, I’m going to click on the definitions tab and select the Dictionary definitions



I’m going to then Duplicate the 1000 most common US family names dictionary just so that I have a CSV file to work with.

After I’ve created a duplicate, I’m going to then click Edit on my newly created dictionary.


DLP Duplicate Dictionary.gif

With this dictionary, I’m just going to click Export Entries and save my file. This will just provide me with a CSV file in the proper format.



Now, when I open the file, I’m just going to delete the existing entries and just add the phrases I want to add to my new dictionary.

After I’ve added the phrases that I want, I will now save the file as a CSV file in Microsoft Excel.


DLP Save as CSV.gif

After the file is saved, I can go back to the classifications and create a new dictionary with the Action menu.

With this new dictionary, I just want to name it and click on the Import Entries button.

Now, I’ll select the CSV file that I had just created. After the import is complete, I can see all of the phrases that I have added. I can then just click save.

I can now use this dictionary as a classification in a DLP Policies or rule.


DLP Import Entries.gif

So there we have it. As you can see, now we can import phrases easily without having to manually type in every entry.

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