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FRP 4.3 FAQs : General

FRP 4.3 FAQs : General

File & Removable Media Protection (FRP) is the new name for Endpoint Encryption for Files & Folders (EEFF)

Q: What versions of ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO) and McAfee Agent (MA) are required for FRP 4.3?
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator:

ePO 4.6 Patch 6 and above

ePO 5.0 Patch 1 and above

McAfee Agent:

MA 4.6 Patch 3 and above

MA 4.8 Patch 1 and above if you wish to use any of the features outlined below:

  • Support for Windows 8.1
  • Support for Citrix XenDesktop
  • Key Cache expiry feature

Q: What are the broad use cases that FRP addresses?

FRP protects data on local drives, network shares and removable media devices. Specifically it offers options to:

  • Encrypt files/folders on local drives
  • Encrypt files/folders on Network Shares
  • Encrypt removable media devices : FRP can restrict usage of encrypted removable media devices to just within the company’s environment (onsite access only) OR provide the ability to read encrypted devices on systems without having to install McAfee Encryption software
  • Encryption of email attachments

New Features:

Q: Does FRP v4.3 support Windows 8.1 (and Windows 8.1 Update 1)?

Yes. For a list of supported Operating Systems, please refer to the Supported Environments KB article:

Q: Does FRP v4.3 support a VDI environment?

FRP v4.3 offers support for certain selected modes of Citrix XenDesktop 5.6 and 7.1. For more details, please refer to FAQs for VDI environments:

Q: Encrypted USB media can be read on Windows machines without having to install any McAfee Encryption software today. Do I have the same flexibility with Mac OS X machines as well?

Yes, Offsite support on Mac OS X clients is new feature introduced in FRP 4.3. Please refer to “FAQs, Mac OS X Offsite application” for more details:

Q: Are files of size > 4 GB now supported with the “Allow/Enforce Encryption with offsite access” options (formerly EERM)?

Yes, support for large files is a new feature introduced in FRP 4.3. Please refer to “FAQs, Large file support” for more details:

Q: What are the protection level options available for USB Media?

  • Allow Unprotected Access
  • Allow Encryption (with offsite access)
  • Enforce Encryption (with offsite access)
  • Enforce Encryption (onsite access only)
  • NEW : “BlockWrite Operations”. This option will restrict the USB devices to a “read-only” mode

Q: Will the new protection level, “Block Write Operations” offered for USB Media block copy operations from the USB device as well?

No, only copy operations to the USB device is restricted with this feature

Q: Whatis the maximum recommended device size for “Allow encryption (with offsite access)” or “Enforce encryption (with offsite access)” options for USB Media?

McAfee has tested and will support devices up to 3 TB in size starting v4.3 release

Q: What is the default “Protection Level” option for CD/DVDs, Removable USB Media and Floppy Disk Media?

CD/DVDs: Enforce Encryption (with offsite access)

Removable USB Media: Enforce Encryption (with offsite access)

Floppy Disk Media: Block Write Operations

Q: Does FRP v4.3 leverage McAfee Core Cryptographic Module (MCCM) as well? What is the current certification status of MCCM module?

Yes, McAfee Core Cryptographic Module (user) and McAfeeCore Cryptographic Module (kernel) FIPS 140-2 cryptographic modules are now in Block 2 of the validation process.

Current status can be found at:

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