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Endpoint Encryption for Mac - Certificate Issues

Endpoint Encryption for Mac - Certificate Issues


Some of you will be aware of an issue which has recently arisen with some of McAfee's products running on OS X.

What is the issue?

OS X Mountain Lion introduced the concept of GateKeeper to ensure that only signed binaries can be installed on a client system. McAfee Endpoint Encryption for Mac (EEMac), and other McAfee products running on OS X are all impacted. The issue is related to the certificate that was used to sign the binaries.

Who is impacted?

The only customers who will be impacted are customers who are about to start a deployment of EEMac

The following customers are not impacted:

  • Existing customers who have already deployed EEMac (The checks performed by OS X are only at the time of installation, not at runtime)
  • Customers who have deployed, or will deploy EEMac v7.0 (A different certificate is used to sign the binaries in this release)

What will the client see?

The client will see a message at installation asking the user to trust the certificate before continuing the installation.

Where to see more information?

A KB will be kept up to date with all of the latest information. Please refer to this link to the KB (

Download Site:

The EEMac binaries have been pulled from the download site. They will be reposted after they have been signed with a different certificate. In the mean time anyone attempting to download EEMac will only see a readme file which will direct them towards to the KB article mentioned above.

If customers want to deploy Full Disk Encryption to a Mac they can use EEMac v7.0 without issues. In fact my personal recommendation for new deployments would be to take v7.0 instead of v6.2.0.439.

Should you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me.

Best regards

Anthony Merry

Group Product Manager

McAfee Full Disk Encryption

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