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EEPC v7.0 Beta FAQ

EEPC v7.0 Beta FAQ

General FAQ

Q: Will there be a Beta version of EEPC version 7.0?

A: Yes there will be a Beta period for EEPC version 7.0. It is a closed beta, so you’ll need to sign up in order to join the beta.

Q: When is the Beta period?

A: The Beta will start on 18 June 2012, and end on 1 August 2012.

Q: Is the EEPC 7.0 Beta open to all McAfee Internal Staff?

A: Yes. All McAfee Internal staff can join the beta. You are free to test, demonstrate and evaluate all the features of EEPC 7.0.

Q: Is the EEPC 7.0 Beta open to Customers?

A: Yes.

Q: Can the Beta be deployed to production machines?

A: No. Beta software should only be used/tested in a pure test environment.

Q: How can I join the Beta?

A: Send an email to the Product Manager (Anthony Merry – and ask to be added to the Beta. Product Management will confirm whether you’ve been accepted as a part of the Beta.

Q: What information needs to be provided to join the Beta?

A: The following information will be required when joining the EEPC 7.0 Beta:

  • Customer Name
  • Contact Person
  • Contact Email Address
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Account Manager
  • Will you be testing the Intel AMT/ePO DeepCommand integration for Secure Network Connectivity in EEPC’s Pre-boot?
  • Confirmation that you have time to perform some beta testing of EEPC 7.0
  • Confirmation that you will provide feedback on your experiences

Q: What exciting new features are included of EEPC v7.0?

A: Some of the new and exiting features of EEPC v7.0 include support for:

  • Secure network connectivity in Pre-Boot allowing for direct communication from pre-boot to ePO. This is achieved by integrating with Intel AMT technology and ePO DeepCommand
  • Improved performance on Solid State Drives
  • Fail-safe activation options
  • Allowing activation without a network connection to McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (ePO)
  • Adding support for specific touch screen devices
  • Introduce biometric support for authentication at pre-boot
  • Preview of Windows 8 Support, including a UEFI Pre-boot

Q: Will EEPC v7.0 include support for Windows 8?

A: Windows 8 represents a major change to the Windows OS and features a UEFI boot process. EEPC v7.0 will include support for a UEFI boot process, Windows 8 and Windows 8 specific features in a beta state. Customers will need to explicitly enable this functionality, but will be warned that EEPC v7.0 does not officially support Windows 8.

Q: Do you need ePO DeepCommand in order to test the Intel AMT functionality for the Secure Network Connectivity in Pre-boot?

A: Yes. As an accepted member of the beta program you will receive instructions on how to obtain ePO DeepCommand. 

Q: Where can I find some more information on EEPC's integration with Intel AMT and ePO DeepCommand?

A: You can view the following video links to learn more about two of the use cases for this integration.

  1. Use Case 1: Remote Unlock -
  2. Use Case 2: Reset Password -

Q: What is expected of Beta Participants?

A: Please refer to the section below entitled “Expectations of Customers during the Beta”

Q: Will all features of EEPC v7.0 be in the first beta?

A: There will be more than 1 build of EEPC v7.0 delivered to beta participants over the course of the beta period. Each new build will include more of the new EEPC v7.0 functionality.

Expectation of Customers during the Beta

Q: What are the expectations of customers who are a part of the Beta program?

A: To test, evaluate and provide feedback on the EEPC 7.0 functionality, both existing and new functionality.

Q: What does provide feedback mean?

A: It means either providing feedback in a written form or verbally during a conference call.

Q: How can written feedback be provided?

A: A forum will be established where all participants can share their experiences, questions, and comments. The EEPC 7.0 Beta team will also use the Forum to provide any updates to all participants.

Q: Does this mean that Beta participants will join conference calls?

A: Yes. By joining the Beta program, participants will need to join scheduled conference calls. Calls will be scheduled to allow for time zone differences. Conference calls will be set up with the EEPC 7.0 Beta Team and the Beta participants in either a group or individual setting as appropriate.

Q: What will these calls cover?

A: Your experiences both good and bad with EEPC 7.0, and any feedback that you may have. And technical queries can be answered by the Engineering team.

Q: Do I need to attend every call?

A: We realize that everyone has a day job, so it’s not necessary to attend every call however a best effort should be made. Feedback via the forum is also a way of providing your feedback.

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